Maintenance services

Maintenance contracts to ensure uninterrupted performance


We are regularly carrying out planned maintenance and servicing for both domestic and commercial clients. Along with providing top quality installation of our services, Green Team Partnership provides maintenance services to ensure that your product continues working efficiently for as long as possible.

Biomass boilers maintenance

Having a reliable and dependable boiler to provide hot water and heat is a daily essential. However, like many other things, it needs to be regularly checked and tested to make sure all components are working correctly. An annual boiler service can prevent potential problems, avoid unwanted disruption, ensure maximum heating efficiency and keep energy bills to a minimum.

Biomass boilers, once installed and properly maintained, can last up to twenty years. However, no equipment always works as it is intended to, and that is where GTP’s maintenance service can help you. This could include necessary or emergency repairs (such as leak or corrosion checking) as well as a recommended six-monthly service check.

Included in our maintenance support are:

  • Compliance checks against energy emissions standards and the regulations of biomass boilers created by the government.
  • Full internal clean and inspection
  • Replacement of all worn components (grates etc.)
  • Lubrication of any applicable moving components

If you are unsure of the issue causing your biomass boiler to malfunction, it is best to contact a registered professional to ensure your safety in the event of an emergency.

Industrial heating service maintenance

Green Team Partnership provides heating services on a wide industrial scale, regardless of the size of your building. We also provide after installation support in case of a rare occasion that something goes wrong with your new boiler.

Biomass boiler heating systems

Regular heating system servicing ensures that your property has continuous access to heating and hot water, taking away any worry that it would break down during operating hours.

The recommended frequency of commercial heating servicing is every year and includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Component Check
  • Testing
  • Reporting
  • Signed documentation (for insurance and regulatory purposes)

Solar panels maintenance (for buildings and carports)

Green Team Partnership provides expert commercial solar installations with proven high yielding PV panels. Investing in solar panels is a great way for any business to generate efficient power responsibly and reduce your energy costs.

If maintained properly, solar panels will generate low-cost electricity for your business with little interruption to your day to day workings during installations and repairs.

Our solar panels maintenance contract, whether that be on the roof of your building or a grounded form is an ideal solution for your business. We can also help when something goes wrong like electric system not receiving the correct amount of energy, or damage to the solar panel itself because of unexpected moisture etc.

The solar panels maintenance includes:

  • Incident, performance and hardware communication monitoring
  • Modules cleaning
  • Tests and inspections
  • Reporting
  • Documentation for warrantly management, health & safety etc.
Solar panels maintenance

Batteries for storage maintenance

Although GTP believes that renewable energy is the way forward, it is often best to have contingencies in place should solar panels or biomass boilers fail. This could be in the form of an industrial storage battery, which will provide the necessary energy to keep your business open and functioning.

All battery storage systems from GTP meet the highest specifications and perform at their optimal level. To ensure their longevity and their peak performance we provide monthly maintenance based on the manufacturers guidelines and our experience.