Solar Carports and Canopies

Commercial Solar Carports and Canopies: Helping your thriving business in North East, England

Solar Carports

GTP’s solar carports and canopies provide cost-effective, clean energy for commercial and public car parks, while keeping all parking spaces intact

Welcome to the future of on-site energy generation.

By generating your own clean energy on-site, GTP’s solar carports allow you to reduce your energy spending and improve your bottom line. Our commercial solar canopies comprise a bespoke structure with high-spec solar PV panels. The compact design and innovative ground fixings allow a quick and efficient build with minimal disruption to your site.

As well as improving your on-site parking, our solar carports also provide a clear display of your commitment to sustainability. Perfect for organisations with staff happiness and environmental CSR at their heart.

Our solar carport structures can accommodate battery storage, allowing you to use your solar energy beyond daylight hours, and electric vehicle charging points to future-proof for increasing EV charging demand.

Commercial solar carports

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Experienced Solar Carports And Pergola Builder

Carport And Pergola Builder As A Reliable Tactic For Capturing Remarkable Results

Either free standing or fixed against the naturally strong wall of a building, each commercial Carport we supply is further reinforced thanks to its structurally simple yet effective supports. Each supporting column offers further reinforcement to the canopy/pergola roof with solar PV panels. This ensures full protection along with green, renewable energy supply is offered at all times.

Solar photovoltaic vehicle charging stations
Photovoltaic solar carports

Best-Rated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

How To Overcome Challenges With Commercial Solar Carports and Canopies

Charging stations for electric cars are becoming more and more popular today, as they offer the benefits of being an efficient and environmentally friendly replacement of regular petrol and diesel. With the addition of simple solar canopy structures, car parks benefit in many different ways keeping the areas nice and clean without losing a single car space. GTP’s Solar Carports are also very easy to set up, and they do not require the expense of electrical systems to function correctly. They are a great addition to a business, retail or public car park open to forward-thinking solutions and uptake of electric vehicles.

Top-Rated Solar Carports For Retail And Public Car Parks

Shopping For Commercial Solar Carport and Canopies?

Solar Carports For Retail and Public Car Parks is a common choice today, as they are safe, affordable and easy to use, and, more importantly, cater toward the recent increase in electric vehicles on the North East roads. Businesses and city officials are beginning to realise that solar carports are an ideal way to save money since they are affordable and easy to install. And there are many benefits to using solar carports for retail and public car parks, such as being energy efficient, as they collect the majority of their electricity from the sun. To enable your car park for the inevitable EV future contact GTP at 0333 344 7456.

Electric car solar charging station
Solar photovoltaic carport canopies

Top Solar Carports For Hospitals And Universities

How To Grow Applying Solar Carports For Hospitals And Universities

Technological advancement in Hospitals and Universities is one of the key areas of development in our society. Health sector heavily relies on modern equipment for short term care as well as on state-of-the-art lifesaving machines. While universities, colleges and schools put themselves on the cutting-edge of technological advancement in communication and stand as a role model to pave the way for young people approaching adulthood. Green Team Partnership contributes to that mission by providing eco-friendly, clean energy sources through solar PV carports put next to each facility. This diversification of energy source for hospital and school car parks not only caters to ever-increasing modern vehicles but, more importantly, it sends a signal that institutions are looking after the health of their patients, pupils and our clean planet as a whole.

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