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Commercial Solar PV Panels, Carports, Batteries for Storage, and Biomass Boilers

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Green Team Partnership aims to provide an outstanding service that focuses on high quality, reliability, honesty, value for money and experience in the installation and maintenance of commercial solar PV installations (various funding options available), green heating systems, biomass boilers, solar carports and canopy systems, and industrial batteries for storage. Our services are available to businesses of all sizes in North East England.

With successful work undertaken across Tyne And Wear, Northumberland and County Durham, we proved our employees are among the most valuable resources we have and are some of the best in their field. Our team of experts have industry-leading expertise in design, installation, operation, and maintenance. We work alongside the most prominent manufacturers, which enables us to bring to your projects the most cost-efficient energy solutions.

Looking to move towards eco-friendly energy solutions?

North East Green Energy Supplier

Green Team Partnership

Communities and businesses rely on a steady, dependable power supply.
So it’s essential to make sure your new renewable energy source will be up to the task, together with planning for times when bad weather or seasonal changes threaten your power production. Whether you’re operating a wood chip boiler or photovoltaic solar panels, we can help you to bring your power supply online – on time.

Our engineers provide full planning and infrastructure support. We can complete site surveys and initial infrastructure work, including laying cables and civil works. We have gained a reputation for expertise based on extensive hands-on experience at the forefront of the renewables industry, developing many new applications in the North East.

We bring experience, expertise, and commitment to all projects we undertake, enabling us to provide you with best-in-class project solutions whether that be:

  • a new heating system,
  • solar PV panel system,
  • commercial solar carports and canopies,
  • commercial battery storage and
  • industrial solar system supply, installation and maintenance.

We know it’s good to share thoughts and are ready to help you. Feel free to contact us on 03333 447 456.

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Commercial Solar Energy Company

Our installation team are well experienced

in carrying out large commercial installations, giving you peace of mind that when installing the system, the day to day running of your business is not affected. More and more commercial consumers around the country are concerned with the rising costs in electricity and are now looking at energy-saving measures to not only reduce their bills, but also reduce their carbon footprint. Today, you can use the sun’s energy to generate free, clean, no-emissions electricity.

Additionally, we now offer various funding options, enabling you to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy with no upfront capital expenditure.

Solar Carports & Canopies

for Public Car Parks

We design, supply, and install each custom-made system to maximise available space and energy yield.

The compact design and innovative ground fixings allow a quick and efficient build, with minimal disruption to your site. As well as improving your on-site parking, our solar carports also provide a clear display of your commitment to sustainability.

Our solar carport structures can also accommodate battery storage, allowing you to use your solar energy beyond daylight hours, and electric vehicle charging points to future-proof for increasing EV charging demand

Solar Carports by Green Team Partnership

Commercial Batteries For Storage

Electricity storage

Storage of electricity will play an inevitable role in our energy grid. It is needed to match energy production against consumption and to stabilise the grid due to increasing decentralised generation and the growing penetration of electrical vehicles. Already today, industrial battery storage is frequently used to mitigate the risk of the unpredictability of renewable energy sources.

Heating Systems

Industrial and Commercial Heating Systems

Green Team Partnership are specialists in all types of heating; whatever your exact requirements, you can depend on GTP for the very highest quality heating services for industrial and commercial sectors.

All of our work is guaranteed, whilst we also carry insurance for maximum peace of mind.

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Professional Maintenance


We are regularly carrying out planned maintenance and servicing for both for public organisations and commercial businesses. From a faulty boiler, solar PV panels, carports or batteries for storage to general servicing and maintenance on the heating services within your establishment; we are more than happy to quote and assist where we can, no job is too small or too big.

Renewable Natural Resources

Modern Environment

Our world is getting more digital, more connected, and more sustainable. This changes the way we do business – with energy systems as a core element of infrastructure. The participants of the renewable energy system will need to maintain power stability, ensure quality, stay flexible to changing environment, deal with ageing assets, and reduce costs.

GTP not only helps to master these challenges, but also generates new opportunities to increase assets, secure businesses’ energy consumption costs and create new revenue streams. This includes the renewable energy and heating systems, from where the transition towards a decentralised and decarbonized grid starts.

BSL biomass suppliers list

Some of Green Team Partnership clients

We’ve worked with a great range of clients over the years from both the private and public sector.