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Reduce Your Energy Bills And Carbon Emissions By Burning Sustainable Fuel

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Increasing fuel costs is one of the main reasons why many consumers, both domestic and commercial, are turning to biomass boilers to provide their heating and hot water. Off-grid consumers can make huge savings on their fuel costs when burning wood chips, pellets or logs in comparison to LPG, oil or Electric.

Biomass boilers are typically fuelled by burning pellets, logs, or chips, producing heat which is then captured and transferred to your existing heating system and water system. Modern, advanced biomass boilers are fully automatic, controlling the amount of fuel and air supplied to the combustion chamber and, as a result, are highly efficient and emissions are low.

Green Team Partnership are an experienced installer of heating systems covering the whole of the UK. This means that we conform to stringent quality and safety standards to meet the Office of Fair Trading’s requirements.

Generate heat whilst reducing your energy bills and carbon emissions

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Biomass boilers utilise renewable, low carbon, sustainable fuel that is widely available throughout the UK. A biomass boiler can provide a total solution to heating and hot water for both domestic and commercial consumers.

Wood chip boiler icon

Wood Chip Boiler

Boasting unrivalled 95% efficiency, this is one of the world’s leading wood chip biomass boilers. Full refractory-lined combustion chamber with flame concentration jets for optimum post-combustion. The refractory combustion chamber guarantees high combustion temperatures through optimum heat storage (also at part-load), minimises the ignition procedure and reduces emissions. More details in the brochure.

Pellet Boiler icon

Pellet Boiler

Wide product range 6kW-330kW. Fully factory-lined combustion chamber for high-temperature combustion. Lambda Sensor with fuel-quality detection. Automatic ash level indication. More details in the brochure.
Wood Logs Boiler icon

Wood Logs Boiler

1/2 m wood logs. Perfect combustion. Perfect post-combustion, and hence a complete combustion at full or partial load is assured using pre-heated secondary air in combination with high density bricks. This leads to high efficiency values through lowest post-combustion emissions. More details in the brochure.

Wood chip boiler

Wood chip boiler

Wood pellet boiler

Wood pellet boiler

Wood logs boiler

Wood logs boiler

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For more boiler types please see our brochures.

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Boiler Service by Green team Partnership

Boiler maintenance and aftercare

Best-Rated Commercial Biomass Boiler Services

We have a reputation for quality and after-sales support, coupled with being specialist installers of your chosen technology. We work with a range of leading gas and oil boiler manufacturers and because we are approved installers. We can also offer extended warranties of up to 10 years.

Safety inspections

High-Quality Commercial Boiler Service

We offer a range of services to help keep your commercial boiler running safely and efficiently. From Commercial boiler installation through to maintenance, servicing and one-off repairs.

We recommend a six monthly commercial boiler service.

To make sure you’re looking after your commercial boiler and keeping downtime to a minimum, talk to the GTP team today by contacting us on:

Our Commercial Boiler Services include:

  • Inspection for wear and tear
  • Leaks or corrosion check
  • Water gauges check and cleaning
  • Removal of unwanted build-up or debris to maintain efficiency of operation
  • Combustion analysis after cleaning the burners
  • Emission compliance check
  • Replacement of any defective parts
  • Safety checks
  • Regulations compliance check

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