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Commercial Solar PV Panels

Free, clean, no emissions electricity for your facilities all the way from the sun

Solar PV panels

Goal #1: Reduce energy costs for your business

Why not turn your unutilised roof space into an asset that not only generates sustainable solar electricity but will also reduce your overhead costs? Businesses can see a real return in as little as two weeks with minimal disruption to daily business activities, as solar PV systems are generally quick and easy to install. A rooftop or ground-mounted solar PV installation will enable your business to take control of your electricity bill and achieve savings of up to 60% on daytime costs.

Goal #2: Use the sun’s energy to generate free, clean, no emissions electricity

Our installation team are well experienced in carrying out small and large commercial installations giving you peace of mind that when installing the system, the day-to-day running of your business is not affected. More and more commercial consumers around the country are concerned with the rising costs of electricity and are now looking at energy-saving measures to not only reduce their bills but also reduce their carbon footprint. Installing a solar PV system also offers generous financial benefits too.

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Commercial & domestic Solar panels installations

Best-Rated Commercial Solar Systems

The size and layout of an installation will be determined by the type of roof on your building. Green Team Partnership Ltd would carry out a free, extensive roof top survey, carried out by one of our experienced survey team members, prior to an installation to ensure your roof is suitable to hold an array.

Our expertise and committed team of installers along with strong partnerships with roofing and electrical suppliers have allowed us to install a typical 50 kWh system within 3 days.

Commercial solar photovoltaic panels
Commercial solar panels

Solar power benefits

Solar panels are an effective way of using free solar energy to reduce your energy bills:

  • Free electricity, all the electricity generated can be used by the owner
  • Additional income from selling back to the grid
  • Returns on your investment of up to 15%
  • Protection from future energy price rises
  • A reduction in your carbon footprint
  • 100% tax deductible in the first year for businesses
  • 25 year guarantee on panel power output

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Experienced Solar Energy Equipment Supplier

GTP supplies commercial solar panel system kits for Businesses as well as the Public Sector. Our solar panels are installed with necessary materials and fixtures needed to build a complete power system for your building. They are completely custom-built to meet the specific needs of your building.

Our installers are skilled in planning, building and adjusting the panels correctly, allowing the business owner to enjoy the savings on their utility bills. Businesses can have their commercial solar panel systems installed and begin saving money immediately by calling us at 0333 344 7456.

Best-Rated Commercial Solar Systems

The Secret Of Using Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar PV systems can provide the business owner with a permanent, low-maintenance solution to their electricity needs. They are easy to maintain, and they require little support after purchase. In addition to saving the business owner money on energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint, commercial solar panels can improve the business owner’s energy diversification and make their operation (and building) future-proof.

Solar energy company photovoltaic panels
Solar energy company PV solar panels

Top-Rated Solar PV System Investments

Is Solar PV System good fit for you?

Investing in solar energy in the North East helps you reduce your monthly energy expenses by a significant amount. For those on tight budgets, this option provides an affordable solution to power your business and generate an additional saving. A great advantage of solar panel technology is the fact that it can be built and installed to meet many consumption needs and available budgets. And with the UK and EU governments focus on moving towards sustainable and eco-friendly energy sources, as well as an ongoing energy consumption optimisation in technology, we’ve created our Solar PV System to put the North East companies at the cutting-edge of this development.

Top Commercial Solar Panels Financing

Looking for Commercial Solar Panels Financing?

Making the change to an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solution with Green Team Partnership doesn’t have to be a financial impediment. If you’re unable to acquire the system outright, GTP can install our solar panel system for you, enabling you to finance your investment without disrupting cash flow in your business. We made our system affordable for businesses of all sizes, and there are several finance packages available to every customer.

Solar panels commercial use