North East Industrial Batteries For Storage

The Future Of Sustainable Energy Belongs To Scalable Battery Storage Systems

Batteries for Storage

Batteries for storage

Storage of electricity will play an inevitable role in our energy grid. It is needed to match energy production against consumption and to stabilise the grid due to increasing decentralised generation. Already today, industrial battery storage is frequently used to mitigate the risk of the unpredictability of renewable energy sources.

Commercial Battery Energy Storage

A resilient reservoir of electric power for your establishment is crucial. You really need to realise that regardless of what takes place outside the fence, you have actually safeguarded the means to maintain the power. Hospitals, manufacturing industry, government, university or, virtually any commercial premises are encountering a considerably temperamental grid, increasing energy need, limited site readiness to scale as well as an ever-increasing push for an eco-friendly approach, making Battery Storage a vital part of any strategy for electricity planning. Our scalable power storage solutions are readily available to any establishment, making use of lithium-ion or flow batteries relying on your demands.

Benefits of having an onsite Battery Storage backup facility

  • we produce a bridge to backup, preserve energy reservoir while your back-up energy generation comes online and takes over
  • GTP battery system gives emergency power for the safe closure of devices, shielding your properties from damages
  • our batteries supply eco-friendly energy to make sure that your organisation is resilient to drops in voltage that might otherwise disrupt production
  • the battery storage system improves the use of renewable electricity
  • and maximises your approach to energy by enabling a lot more adaptable usage on-site

GTP supplies commercial batteries for storage to the following industries

  • NHS Hospital Buildings and Health-Care
  • Government Buildings and Public Sector
  • Universities, Colleges and Student Campuses
  • Data Centres and Airports
  • Retail and Commercial Premises
  • Hotels, Hospitality and Leisure
  • Manufacturing, Farms and Agricultural
  • Residential and Property Developers